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"There was a time in my life when I viewed the body politic as a group of elitists ruling from their ivory towers.  I thought of attorneys as experts in manipulation and distortion.  The law was an avenue to power and could be bought or sold."

"I no longer believe that.  I now realize that our legal system can be a powerful tool that gives voice to the weakest of our society.  That the laws of our land applied judiciously will enhance and protect my freedom.  I didn't learn that in my cement truck nor did I read it anywhere.  Jim Betz' living example is responsible for my change of conscience."
     Testimonial of Michael Billington

"Jim Betz lets you make educated decisions.  He treats you as if you are intelligent, but he knows he has the expertise and can lead and direct you.  It seems like the people who advertise on television seem like the real "pit bull" type of attorneys and you have it in your mind that they really grind on people.  But, as far as I'm concerned, I feel Jim is very effective.  I've continued to come back to Jim.  He's our family attorney and he's referred by our family.  We continue to use him and refer him to friends.  Our friends all say the same thing; that Jim gets the job done."
     Testimonial of R'Gina Sellers,

"I have worked with Mr. Betz and his associates several times on issues that affect my business. Mr. Betz is thorough in investigating matters and offered sound advice that resulted in a favorable outcome for me."

"Jim Betz is easy to work with. He looks at issues from several sides and offers advice and counsel that truly makes sense. Mr. Betz is active in getting to a resolution and makes sure that the best interests of his clients are being served."

"As a small business owner, it is important to have the counsel of an attorney from time to time. Jim Betz works with his clients to assure that they understand fully the issues and strategies for a positive resolution in a dispute. Mr. Betz's style and demeanor is well suited to his profession.  He is empathetic and understands the issues and emotions surrounding legal disputes from the client standpoint."
     Testimonial of Michael Flanigan

"There came a time when I needed legal counsel, and what was most important to me was to find someone with a keen dedication, and who will take a personal and professional approach to handling my legal matters. Then I had the opportunity to chat with Mr. James Betz of the Dunkley, Bennett, Christensen and Madigan law firm."

"For nearly a decade, I have received a well thought out, aggressive and professional representation when it came to protecting my rights, financial security and valued investments. Mr. Betz's extensive legal experience makes him an advocate, who goes the "extra mile" to get the desired result for his clients -- and that can make a difference."

A Satisfied Client,

Victor Aimiehinor, President
Bendel Companies, Ltd.

     Testimonial of Victor Aimiehinor

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