James E. Betz - Attorney at Law

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Litigation is typically the last resort for resolving disputes between parties. When negotiations have broken down, often times nerves become frayed, and a lawsuit is required. The lawsuit process is started with a Summons and Complaint which is served upon a defendant. The case is finally resolved in court before a judge and jury. The last thing a client wants is an attorney who doesn't know his or her way around a courtroom. I have tried 13 cases to jury verdict, and numerous other cases to the court. I have handled hundreds of motions and depositions and am well aware of the intricacies involved with conducting a well-prepared case.

I have handled a wide variety of cases, including but not limited to: personal injury claims, workers' compensation, estate litigation, landlord/tenant disputes, dissolution of marriage, real estate disputes, breach of contract suits, employment litigation, and criminal defense matters.

I am recognized by my peers as a competent and ethical attorney, and am very proud of the work I do on behalf of my clients. Click here to see what my clients have to say about my work.